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What is Paying Green – Carbon Easy 2023?


Paying Green is an offsetting carbon scheme. It allows individuals and organisations to use the emissions they have produced to make meaningful changes in the world, such as planting trees or installing solar panels.

Carbon Easy offers easy access to renewable energy sources through its online platform. Paying Green enables you to offset your carbon emissions by investing in renewables. This means lessening your contribution towards global warming and making a positive change for our planet’s future!

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Paying Green – Carbon Easy 2023

Carbon Credits are a way to help combat climate change. Carbon credits are a way to help businesses, charities and individuals reduce their carbon footprint.

When you buy a carbon credit it allows you to offset your personal or business emissions by funding projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere in the world. These credits can come from such things as renewable energy projects, sustainable forestry management, methane capture from landfill sites and more!

About Climate Change

Climate change is real and it is the biggest threat to humanity. Climate change is happening now, and it’s caused by carbon emissions from activities like driving your car or using a power drill. When we burn fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas for energy, they release greenhouse gases into our atmosphere that trap heat. This causes global temperatures to rise—and since warming oceans absorb more heat than land masses do, oceans are heating up at an alarming rate.

The impacts of climate change on human health include:

  • More severe weather conditions such as floods and droughts
  • Increased risk of food insecurity due to drought-related crop failures

What is Carbon?

The most common definition of carbon is a chemical element. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and it’s released when fossil fuels are burned. This includes coal that powers our electricity plants, gasoline that drives our cars and trucks, and oil used to make plastic packaging.

When forests are cut down (even for “green” reasons), carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as well!

Who are we helping?

We help the people who are most vulnerable to climate change — those who have little or no control over their energy resources and are facing a steep uphill battle in the fight against climate change.


This will be a long, slow process. It’s not going to happen overnight or even in our lifetimes. But it has to start now, because if we don’t act now then future generations are going to suffer the consequences of our inaction.

How do we choose our projects?

We ensure that our projects are real, have a positive impact on the environment and are sustainable and legal.

We do this by checking that the project is not funded by or connected to a government. If it is, we will not accept it as part of our portfolio.

How do the projects work?

The projects work by reducing carbon emissions. They are designed to be sustainable, and they have been monitored to ensure their success. There is an audit involved in the projects as well.

This is a description of how carbon credits work and our commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Paying Green is a social enterprise that buys carbon credits from clean energy projects and then sells them at a profit. Our mission is to reduce the impact of climate change by making carbon offsets affordable and accessible for everyone.

By selling these credits, we can earn money that goes directly toward the projects that produce clean energy in the first place. This means we’re providing an incentive for companies to invest in sustainable energy generation while also creating an additional source of revenue for those projects – which helps them expand their work and scale up their efforts even further!


We believe that the best way to tackle climate change is by supporting projects that will help the most vulnerable people in the world. By purchasing our carbon credits, you are directly contributing to the fight against climate change and help make life a little easier for others.

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