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What is Hello Bonsai smart automation? 2023


Hello Bonsai is a tool for freelancers to manage their time and projects in one place. In this article, I’ll explain how Hello Bonsai works and what you can do with it.

Track time

You can track time and expenses within Hello Bonsai. You can also export your data to apps like Toggl and Harvest, so you can keep all your data in one place.

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They offer two ways of tracking time:

  • Using their timer – click on the clock icon at the top right of your screen to open their timer window, then start working on a task (or tasks) while their timer tracks your time. When you finish a task, just click “Stop” in the timer window (or leave it running). After that, they’ll ask if this was part of an existing task or if they should create one for this action – either way is fine! Then they’ll take care of all the rest for you: creating new tasks with appropriate descriptions and adding them to their respective projects and/or clients’ accounts as necessary.
  • Manual entry – if you’d rather not use their timer function but still want us to track how much time each action takes for billing purposes later, simply enter each action manually into the “Time Spent” field; whether it’s in one project or several doesn’t matter where—they’ll recognize what rightfully belongs where once they’re imported into Hello Bonsai later on!

Add clients and projects

  • Add clients to projects. You can add clients to projects they’re not yet associated with by importing them from your email or entering their information manually.
  • Create new clients or teams. You can create new clients or teams manually, or choose a template and tweak it to fit your needs.
  • Assign tasks to projects and due dates for those tasks. If you assign multiple tasks at once, Hello Bonsai will automatically separate them into different buckets so you can easily see what’s scheduled when (and where).
  • It also lets you set hourly rates for each task based on what the client expects from you; this makes it simple for both parties involved in a project to know how much time they’ll need from each other based on what needs doing by when—and how much money will be involved in completing said tasks!

Automate invoicing

  • Automate invoicing Automating the payment process is another way to save time and money. Hello Bonsai makes this easy by letting you send invoices directly from within the app; all you need is a client’s email address. The invoice will include all of your project details, including hourly rates, completed tasks, and due dates—plus any other information that may be relevant or needed for billing purposes.
  • Get paid faster The sooner you get paid, the better. This is especially true if you’re a freelancer who’s working on multiple projects at once and needs cash flow to keep things running smoothly. Hello Bonsai can help with that by automating your invoicing process and making it easy for clients to pay their bills right away—which means that you’ll see your money sooner rather than later!
  • Send invoices to clients, your team and your accountant. With the ability to send invoices to your clients, your team and even your accountant, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page. This helps eliminate any confusion about who owes money and when it’s due. You can also easily track how much time each person has spent working on a project so that you get paid fairly for every hour worked.
  • Receive payments in your bank account. Once you’ve sent an invoice, it’s time to receive payments. You can do this by either accepting payments online or through your bank account. If you choose the latter option, you’ll have to manually enter all of the necessary information for each payment received (including the client name, the amount owed and currency). This is a great way to keep track of what money comes in from which clients so that you can pay yourself back for any expenses incurred throughout the project.


Build proposals

  • Create proposals for your clients and send them a copy. You can use the proposal as a way to explain what you’ll be doing for your client and how much it will cost. The more detailed your proposal is, the better chance you have of getting your client on board with your idea.
  • Use the proposal builder to create proposals for your clients. You can choose from a list of pre-built templates, or you can build your own by adding custom fields and setting up your workflow. When it’s time to send an invoice, you’ll get notifications when it’s signed off and generated.

Manage contracts

Hello Bonsai Smart Automation is your one-stop shop for managing contracts, whether they’re with clients or project managers. It’s easy to create a contract from scratch or take an existing one and use it as a template. You can also track progress on any given contract and get sign-offs from the appropriate parties before you move forward with anything else.

Reach out to potential clients with tailored proposals

The hello bonsai automation platform allows you to reach out to potential clients with tailored proposals. You can create a proposal template and customize it for each client, or use the same template for all clients.

You can also create a proposal template and use it for all clients by setting up your automated email in the hello bonsai platform.

Report progress and get signoffs

  • Report progress automatically and get signoffs from the appropriate parties so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of what needs to be done or who needs to approve it. Let hello bonsai do the heavy lifting and focus on your clients instead.
  • Get signoffs when you need them. You can set up automated signoffs on the hello bonsai platform so that you don’t have to worry about getting signatures from clients or other parties. Track time and bill automatically Keep track of your time working on projects in hello bonsai. Set up billing rules so that you get paid for the work you do according to your rates and specifications.
  • Get paid In the hello bonsai platform, you can get paid by setting up recurring billing rules. You can also use PayPal or other payment gateways to process payments from your clients.

Hello Bonsai is the first freelancer automation platform that lets you track your time, create proposals, send invoices and get paid all in one place.

Hello, Bonsai is the first freelancer automation platform that lets you track your time, create proposals, send invoices and get paid all in one place. With Hello Bonsai you can manage your clients and projects from start to finish with ease. Their web-based software allows you to easily set up new jobs, assign tasks and track time spent working on each project. You can also create beautiful proposals for your clients using their tools or by uploading a PDF file directly from Hello Bonsai into Gmail or Outlook as an attachment (this feature will be available soon).

Once approved by the client, they’ll automatically send out an invoice through email so that they have no excuse not to pay!


Hello Bonsai is the first freelancer automation platform that lets you track your time, create proposals, send invoices and get paid all in one place. It’s a game changer for freelancers and agencies alike.

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