Canva Pro, 5 Great Reasons Every Designer Should Use it.

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Canva Pro is a powerful design tool, and yet it’s easy enough for anyone to use. Whether you’re just getting started with Canva or have been using it for years, I encourage you to explore the capabilities of this platform by signing up for Canva Pro!

#1 Create a Brand Kit

Canva Pro’s brand management tools are the best in the industry. Designing your own customized brand kit makes it easy to create consistent designs and save time because you won’t have to worry about customizing each element of your design.

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  • Import your logo into Canva Pro, then add any other assets (fonts, colours, etc.) that go with that logo.
  • Create a colour palette by selecting a few primary colours from your logo design or adding new ones on the fly by clicking on an existing colour in Canva Pro’s interface.
  • This can be useful if you’re working with images or photos that don’t have very many variations in hue (i.e., not too many shades of blue). It also allows you to create custom palettes for individual projects so that every time someone uses one of those colours in their design, it’ll automatically reflect all relevant information such as hex codes and HSB values for each shade used throughout their project(s).
  • Select a font face from hundreds available on Canva Pro’s library page where there are endless options available including serifs like Times New Roman or sans serifs like Helvetica Neue Light; these fonts can be customized further using weights like bolder/lighter styles within certain categories such as script/decorative fonts.”

#2 Use a Custom Palette

Canva Pro also allows you to create and save custom palettes, which means you can have a collection of colours that you know work well together. This is especially useful if your client has a specific colour palette they want to be used in their designs or if your brand colours are important in your design work. To create a custom palette:

  • Click on the Color button at the top left of Canva, then select Create Custom Palette from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Select up to 9 colours from any image on Canva (or drag them into your new palette), then click Save Palette when finished!

#3 Use Over 150+ Million Photos

Canva Pro has over 150 million photos that you can use in your projects. These images are sorted into categories, such as “landscapes” and “food,” so that you can find the perfect photo for any design project. When you search for a specific image, there are several filters that go beyond colour:

  • Search by category (e.g., animals)
  • Search by focal length (e.g., close-up)
  • Search by the aperture (e.g., f/2)

Search by ISO (e.g., 100) Search by shutter speed (e.g., 1/2000 sec) Search by lighting conditions (e.g., sunny day)

#4 Access The Brand New Animations Functionality

Animations can be used to add personality and visual interest to your designs. There are many different types of animations, but the two most common are fly-ins and fade-ins. You can use these types of animations when designing social media posts, website banners or headers, infographics and more!

Animations are a great way to promote your brand because they give people something fun to look at while they read through information about you or your business. For example, if you’re using animation on a landing page for a website banner or header design then this will help create an interesting experience for users who visit those pages on their phones or desktops by animating their logo when they click it (or hover over it).

#5 Save Your Most Used Designs

If you find some designs that you really like or have created your own templates to use over and over again, there is a way to save them. You can save your most used designs in the library section of Canva Pro.

This will allow you to reuse those designs whenever you need them without having to create them from scratch again and again.

It’s also helpful if you want to share what you’ve created with others who might want it as well!

I hope that this article has been helpful to you.


Whether you are creating graphics for social media or business cards, Canva Pro is the perfect tool to use. There is no need to spend hours searching for images or spending money on professional designs when Canva allows you to create your own. I hope that this article has given you some insight into why every designer should use Canva Pro as part of their workflow whether it be for personal or professional use!

If you’re ready to get started with Canva Pro, feel free to click the button below!

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